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#4 long springs

fasttrapper81 - 5-4-2014 at 02:35 AM

Been looking to pick up some beaver traps for next year what is the jaw spread on victor #4 longs

Keith Daniels - 6-4-2014 at 02:29 AM

I know I have a Blake at the shop, I'll measure it for you Monday and let you know, I'm thinking somewhere around 6" at the most.

WWPAlum - 7-4-2014 at 01:32 AM

When you set a foot hold for a beaver in the water is there a size limit? Does the trap have to be completely submerged?

SNIPERBBB - 7-4-2014 at 02:03 AM

Quote: Originally posted by WWPAlum  
When you set a foot hold for a beaver in the water is there a size limit? Does the trap have to be completely submerged?

There is no limit at this time for any foothold set under water for beaver. That may change with the new rules changes coming out.

porcupine - 7-4-2014 at 09:57 AM

For beaver you are going to want them completely underwater no matter the regulation. Back foot catches means under up to a foot of water sometimes.

Ric - 7-4-2014 at 11:55 AM

Back to the original question.. Victor #4 Longsprings will measure ~ 5 7/8". This trap was made for a very long time and several different configurations, there will be some variance in jaw spread

Keith Daniels - 7-4-2014 at 12:04 PM

I measured 5 11/16 on the Blake, I thought they would all be around the same area, it looks like the Victors are just a hair bigger.

A beaver trap doesn't have to be completely submerged, but there has always been a size restriction if it isn't in water. The #4 works for beaver on the back foot, but if you are looking for new traps, new as in you don't already own them, I'd look at the bigger jaw spreads like the Bridger #5, CDR, MB, TS etc.

fasttrapper81 - 7-4-2014 at 01:06 PM

Thanks guys I was just looking around at used traps and was not sure of the size of the #4 but I too think that 5 7/8 is a little small for hind foot on a beaver not that you can't catch them with it but why not go with the biggest you can I will keep looking thanks again

Ric - 7-4-2014 at 04:29 PM

" but why not go with the biggest you can"

Because biggest isn't always better.

Webeme - 7-4-2014 at 05:34 PM

I can tell you I used some victor #4 longs this year for beaver and wasn't all that impressed. I had 4 pull outs with them all at end of the drowning rod. I also used TS 85's and loved them no pull outs and much larger jaws. If you want some #4's I'll more than likely be selling mine to get more of the TS 85"s.

minker - 9-4-2014 at 03:20 PM

#5 bridgers , #4 1/2 sleepycreeks, C.D.R. 7.5'S, blake and lamb #44's, #4 jump's , MB 750's, #4 newhouse , TS 85 . when it comes to beaver foothold traps, bigger is always better , there hind feet can be as large as a man's hand so you want a jaw spread that's accordingly the same size plus the added weight of the larger traps helps with wearing them down and drowning . water's too shallow for hind foot drowning set , these big traps will work fine for a front foot set , used either way make sure you have plenty of swivel's .

I prefer bigger bodygripping traps as well , I can't wait for Pellethead and CO. at M.B. TRAPS to start making mb 12x16 bodygrippers again.