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Author: Subject: Best trap per species
Keith Daniels
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[*] posted on 1-6-2015 at 12:27 PM

If you are going to get into any rat trapping, the new 150 from Northwoods is going to be hard to beat. I liked the old ones back in the 80's because of the slightly bigger opening, 5 inch compared to 4 1/2 inch, but the new ones now have a 160 spring on them. I used a dozen this year along side my old traps, including 160's that I removed one spring from, and the 150 was very impressive.

I'd have to look, I think I posted threads on here last fall with pictures, I know I did on the OSTA facebook page.

As far as foot traps in the water, I've always been a long spring fan. You will hear people say use coils everywhere, but the L S has several advantages. One, it doesn't hit as hard, which is an advantage on small boned animals like muskrat, but they have more holding power than a coil. Let a L S close easy on your finger, then just make a slight movement of the spring to one side or the other and you'll see what I'm talking about in a hurry. Another big advantage is they bed so much easier, especially if you use a double long spring. They have such a wide base when the springs are cocked you can darn near lay them on asphalt and they'll be steady. If you get into trapping muskrat huts you will really appreciate the L S, a lot less work to bed in the vegetation and you'll have L S with rats in the morning instead of coils laying empty on the bottom, sometimes still set!

I trapped a lot of canines through the 80's when I still went south and regular old coils worked fine for me, but there are good traps out there now that are heavier built right out of the box. I know many use the MB 550 cast offset, and I worked with some at the ODOW trapping academy last fall and they were nice to work with. I've been playing with the new Montgomery #2 with the forged offset and it's a darn good trap pretty much right out of the box.

As far as DP's I lean toward the Coon Dagger for the easy clean out of mud if for no other reason!

Keith Daniels, O S T A President
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[*] posted on 1-6-2015 at 04:05 PM

okay. here are my opinions.........(I have trapped for a long time, but not as intense as many of the folks here)

General water trapping: I used to only buy 1.5 cs. I was particularly fond of the BMIs as I thought they were a real good balance of quality and cost. With that being said, I am slowly converting to #11 longsprings, double jaws when available. As Keith pointed out the longsprings are more stable when bedding. I honestly have had more coon pull-outs in cs so no issue with holding power and they are very paw friendly in several aspects. Work great on rats, mink and coon. Only draw-back id that the factory pans tend to be a bit smaller than the cs. With that being said, I rarely use #1 longsprings any more and have quite a few that have not left the barn in years.

Conis: I won't comment on the small ones b/c I really don't use that many (I have trappers block when it comes to using those.) For 330s, I have typically gone for economy. Dukes are fine, but only offer 10x9 opening. For a true 10x10 I like the Bridgers. Most people love the Belisles, but they are more pricey.

Canines: I don't do much canine trapping, and haven't experimented with different brands, but I do own some MB 550, 2-coils. I see no reason to buy anything else and I don't see a need for 4 coils as I have never had a coyote pull-out and held several by just the toes.

DPs: I have tried quite a few and honestly I like the Dukes the best. Simple, they tend to hold-up well and are a good price.

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[*] posted on 2-6-2015 at 01:16 AM

coon water 11 sleepy creek
dryland duke dogproof

rats creeks 1 1/2 coil
huts 1 1/2 longspring
runs 159 bridger
coyotes sterling 500

beaver mb 750

mink 1 1/2 coil 110 coini

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