Ohio State Trappers Association - Contact Information
Est. 1940 - The nation's third oldest trapper association

District Directors

District #1 - Open
District #2 - Tim Ackerman
District #3 - S. Muir Family
District #4 - Jeff Fulton
District #5 - Larry McGarvey
District #6 - Dustin Caudill
District #7 - Mike Bentley
District #8 - Jon Hughes
District #9 - Open
District #10 - Open
District #11 - Randy Dieter
District #12 - Leslie Young
District #13 - Vaughan Richards
District #14 - Lester Jones

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President: Harry Kinnison
Vice President: Dave Muir
Secretary: Tina Jones
Treasurer: Dave Pitstick
NTA Director: Ken Stewart
Executive Director: Bill Davis
Editor: Rich Faler
Education Coordinator: Eric Freeland
Fur Auction Coordinator: Shawn Bentley
Convention Coordinator: Douglas Lee
Public Information Officers: Dave & Karen Linkhart

Region Directors

Region A (includes Districts 1,2,8,9,10): Corky Clausing
Region B (includes Districts 11,12,13,14): Keith Jones
Region C (includes Districts 3,4,5,6,7): Mark D. Stackhouse

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Directors at Large

• Glenn Wilson Jr.
• Eric Ucker
• Todd Hertel
• Ray McMillen

OSTA Officers

OSTA Business Office
P.O. Box 119, Radnor, OH 43066
Phone: (330) 465-8762

The OSTA holds three fur auctions yearly. For information and prices from our sales, see our Results
OSTA Fur Auctions
April 13, 2024OSTA Region B Spring Meet, Cambridge, OH